Building hand-coded and automated precision, arresting websites since 2004.


For print and web, we communicate clearly and express feelings and personality. We can make you look hot and exciting, or reliable and boring, if you prefer.


Providing web hosting, domain, and email support and other technical services such as PHP, Javascript, and JQuery for a decade.

Walter Sargent


Phone: 631 470 9627

Walter is a creative, cross-domain problem solver with exceptional reasoning and problem-solving skills. He’s unusually balanced - a techie with verbal skills, design skills – and real insight.

Walter is a software engineer with years of experience in web technology and programming – fluent in PHP and other programming languages and tools. He also has a real feel for layout and graphics. His websites express his client’s business, style and individuality. They are as pleasing and intriguing as they are functional. His combination of technical and design skills produce websites which are expertly programmed (for speed) and attract the eye. This transforms a simple web presence into an engaging online experience.

Walter founded in 2004 which specializes in web & graphic design for creative and professional businesses. Before that, Walter held a senior software engineering positions at CosmoCom, McAfee and Network Associates. He has been writing Internet-related client-server software since 1998. Walter is also a member of the management team at MiracleMind, Inc. and Blue-Signals, LLC. Both are part of an online B2C startup, Evolution Media Group, Inc. Sargent holds a BSEE Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and has completed graduate courses in software engineering at Polytechnic Institute.







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