Building hand-coded and automated precision, arresting websites since 2004.


For print and web, we communicate clearly and express feelings and personality. We can make you look hot and exciting, or reliable and boring, if you prefer.


Providing web hosting, domain, and email support and other technical services such as PHP, Javascript, and JQuery for a decade.


The truth is, anyone can be a domain service reseller – and anyone can hand your support call over to the customer service that comes with the reseller package. At Zerojack, we are more hands-on, and can do more. Our customers always have access to the standard 24x7 call center for domain and hosting support, but our Consulting services pick up where the Standard service leaves off.

Standard services

  • Registration: Registering a domain is the first step in buiding a web site
  • Forward: Redirect multiple domains to one web site
  • Transfer: Move your domain(s) to or from two domain registrars.
  • Backordering: Put yourself in line to get that expiring domain when it becomes available/.
  • Appraisal: get an independent appraisal of the domain you are considering buying or selling.

Consulting services

  • Marketing: Tap our expertise to get domain suggestions that have more marketing value.
  • Escrow: If you are nervious about buying or selling a domain for a lot of money, we can recommend escrow services and walk you through the process.
  • Recovery: If you have lost your domain for any reason and want to get it back, learn the options.
  • Blacklisted: Is your domain blacklisted? Don’t know? We search blacklists, resubmit domains and correct or upgrade DNS records.







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